Meet Your Board Concierge
Managing a Startup Board just got Platinum-level easy.
As of December 5, 2022

Our #1 Priority is for your Board to be Great

We see it often: sometimes running a great Board is nobody’s #1 priority at a Startup.

Founders are working overtime to build and scale the business. Investor-directors have 8 other boards, plus fundraising, new investments, and that twitter thread to write.

Of course, we think building a great board is the job of a two-person team: Founder-CEO and an outside Lead Director / Chair.

And sometimes it’s really nice to have a little extra help to get things done. That’s where our Board Concierge comes in.

Startup Boards At Your Service

Our Board Concierge service gives Founders and Boards the ultimate assurance that your company’s board will function smoothly and according to all the best practices.

We do this by providing everyone on your account (Management/Officers, Directors, and Company Counsel) with in-app proactive support staffed Bosware employees who have years of experience running and managing Startup Boards.

Because we know how good Boards should function (and because many of those things are already built into the product), we can coach CEOs on getting up to speed, flag if anything is missing / should be done.

And because we know you’re busy, if you need some leverage, we’re happy to schedule that meeting. Get that monthly template set up. Or help edit your Board pack so it’s as great as it can be.

All the work is done from within Bosware - so it’s easy for you, easy for us, and there’s a nice clear record of all the work.

Think of it as your dedicated part-time Board Administrator that just happened to be a veteran VC and experienced founder and knows the Bosware platform better than anyone else.

Typical Services Provided

  • 24/7/365 chat support (in app or your preferred platform)
  • Daily review of your Bosware GovScore
  • Proactive support for closing any gap to a 100% score
  • As-desired review of Board process + opportunities (w/ CEO and/or Lead Director)
  • Recommendations for outside service providers
  • Template editing, sourcing, or suggestions
  • Creation of custom “fast action” buttons for common tasks
  • Peer support / problem solving for CEO or Lead Director


Included at no additional charge for all new customers before March 31, 2023. Standard terms and conditions apply.


Our goal is to remove every barrier we find in the way of getting Startups running at 100% capacity. If having a Concierge helps lower those barriers even just a little bit, it’s worth it to us.