Quest for Superpowers

As of January 2021
Bosware is dedicated to the idea that every Startup Board can and should be a Superpower.

We Can Do Better

We are a company founded on the belief that every Startup Board should be a superpower for the companies they serve.

Yet far too often, Founders (and Investors / Independents too) report that their boards are a “tax” or “at best do no harm.”

We can do so much better.

Building and maintaining a great board is often nobody’s #1 priority in a startup. And so, it often falls through the cracks and people get comfortable with the idea that ‘ok’ (or mediocre) is ‘just how it is.’

We know, because we’ve seen it hundreds of times across the market. And it was frustrating enough to start a company.

One Thing Well

BOSWARE aims to do one thing extremely well: providing Founders with a “Board Operating System” that any startup can use to configure and run an amazingly effective Board of Directors.

Yes, that’s the “BOS” in our name.

Perhaps the most basic challenge for Founders (and VCs) is that running any startup board is so damn manual. You write emails, attach documents, resend the documents, wonder if they got read, try to remember what was agreed to last time, etc.

For Founders pulled in all directions, “digitizing your board” not only frees up precious hours — it lessens the cognitive load, so you can focus those braincells on building the business.

Also, no Startup Board should ever start from scratch. On incorporation, you should be able to stand up your Board (even at Founders-only stage) with current best-practices as the default settings.

When you have questions, you should be able to just “read the docs.”

And when our community learns some new tricks, you shouldn’t have to buy a VC’s book to learn the same. Best practices should just ship direct to your console at the next login.

The better we do our job, the less you’ll have to think about doing yours.

Independent Like a Yankee

Oh and one more thing: we’re keeping this company independent and revenue-funded by our actual users (gasp!).

There’s no backdoor ad model. No “data fumes” for the highest bidder or “pay for order flow.” No curious M&A eyes (maybe?) from strategic investors peeking at your stuff. No “trojan horse” cap table management to corner the market in private company stock.

We love companies that are honest and direct in how they handle the information we place in their trust. And for us, a unwavering committment to do the same is the cornerstone of our trusted relationship our customers.

For the Humans

As a society built and shaped by human invention, we are only as good as the next great startup.

Anything less than 100% potential from our Boards of Directors is progress as a society that we are leaving on the table.

Join us in the movement to close the gap.

With gratitude,

Nathaniel B. Chase
New York, New York
January 2021
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