Incentive Programs

As of October 2022
The following is a list of incentive programs that we maintain.

4 x Free Referral Program

Refer in a new paying customer and earn up to 25% credit off your account’s next renewal. Credit is based on the subscription amount of the new customer.

Offer good up to 100% credit (4x referrals) - so you can get BOSWARE for free!

Just have mention your name as a referral -> that’s all it takes. Spread the good word!

Good Governance Club

If you maintain a Bosware GovScore of 80% or better for each quarter of your subscription year, we will provide you with a 5% discount per quarter up to 20% max (if you maintain it for the full year).

The GovScore is a combined metric driven by engagement, utilization, and consistency in your Board’s work. Your entire Board can track it in real time - the goal is to give Boards a little quantified nudge in the right direction.

We believe that Good Goverance makes for Good Customers and Good Business. So we’ll put our chips on the table for that - do good and we’ll have your back.