Team Software for Startup Boards

Our Board OS helps Founder/CEOs make it easy for Boards do their Best Work.

Why Bosware?

Leave Nothing to Chance.

Data shows companies with well-managed Boards can outperform their peers by ~15-25% per year. That could result in a 10x (or better) outcome for your company.

Fast Onboarding

Our UX is 'ATM-level' easy - so 100% of your Board members can navigate it without having to bug you.

Single Source of Truth

Turn your Board into a self-service team. Never answer 'where is that deck?' questions again - it's always in Bosware.

Centralized Q&A

Ditch those long email + text + phone call threads and get all Board Questions & Answers in one place.

Pro-Level Meetings

One-click your best-practice agenda, attach docs, take notes, keep formal minutes - all without breaking a sweat.

Clean Corporate Records

Store corporate records correctly to ensure your Board is compliant and well-protected against potential liabilities.

Track Engagement

Show everyone who has logged in & read the materials - and who might need a friendly nudge. #JointAccountability

Welcome to the Future
of Startup Boards.

Boards who don't speed up will be left behind.

Make Faster Decisions

Just *1 Day* of burn rate saved, and Bosware pays for itself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Board OS? Do other Boards do this?

Yes. There is a well-established category of 'Board Management Software' (88+ companies on G2 crowd). Public companies and non-profits regularly use what is called a 'board portal'.

The problem was that none of the existing platforms were a good fit for Startups (ie our need for speed). So we made Bosware.

Don't Boards work fine without software?

Not really. Most Boards 'work' in the sense you spend 3-6 hours a couple times per year talking about the business.

But are you getting 100% of the potential value from the time, energy, and money you've invested in this? Can you make better decisions, faster?

Bosware is about going from [x]% to 100%. If your X is under 100, you might be missing out.

Don't Diligent or Carta have something similar?

Sure - give them a try! You'll be back though.

Here's why: neither of those companies are 100% obsessively focused on Startup Boards. Diligent is mostly focused on large public companies. Carta is focused on being a marketplace your shares.

As a result, neither company has produced anything that a Startup Board will actually love. That's our singular focus. May the best product win!

Can only Delaware corporations use Bosware?

No - any corporation (with a Board) can get value from Bosware.

We did design around Delaware corporation law (DGCL) in how we manage and store corporate records.

But we do have non-DE corporations on the platform.

Like everything, you should always consult your attorney to confirm the compliance requirements in your jurisdiction.

Is Bosware a fit for my Non-Profit & Public boards?

Nope! We are 100% focused on Startups. Why so narrowly focused? Because we want to make the absolute best product for our customers.

Non-profit and public Boards are different beasts from Startup Boards. We are never going to let that cloud our product vision or priorities.

To our beloved customers, that is our pledge: we will always be true.

Is this designed for Companies or Investors?

We have explicitly designed with *Founder-CXOs* as our customer #1. It's the company that pays our bills, and the company that we serve.

That said, Investor-Directors get a lot of value from having multiple portfolio companies / Boards running Bosware.

What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander!